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Latest Cisco 210-065 Dumps Exam Questions and Answers Updated ( January 2018)#
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210-065 dumps
Refer to the exhibits. An administrator needs to perform a factory reset on a C-Series endpoint. What are two valid ways to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)
A. Exhibit A
B. Exhibit B
C. Exhibit C
D. Exhibit D
E. Exhibit E
210-065 exam 
Correct Answer: CD
The microphone on a Cisco TelePresence System 3000 is switching incorrectly to a camera that does not have an active speaker. What is the first step that an engineer should take to troubleshoot this issue?
A. Check whether the microphone is properly plugged in.
B. Run the microphone calibration procedure.
C. Plug all microphones into the primary codec.
D. Check whether the cable from the microphone is plugged into the correct receptor on the codec.
Correct Answer: B
Which three standards are supported for streaming live video on Cisco TCS? (Choose three.)
A. H.265
B. H.261
C. H.264
D. H.263
E. H.262
F. H.270
210-065 dump 
Correct Answer: BCD
What is the main difference between Cisco Jabber and Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence?
A. Cisco Jabber registers to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager, whereas Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence registers to the VCS.
B. Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence registers to Cisco Unified Communications Manager, whereas Cisco Jabber registers to the VCS.
C. Cisco Jabber has no video calling capabilities, whereas Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence has video capabilities.
D. Cisco Jabber has no presence capabilities, whereas Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence has presence capabilities.
E. There is no difference between Cisco Jabber and Cisco Jabber Video for TelePresence. They should not coexist in the same network.
Correct Answer: A
A technician enters the diag system normal command for a Cisco TelePresence System endpoint. Which action must be done in the CLI before entering this command?
A. Logging must be enabled.
B. Calling services must be stopped.
C. All forced upgrades must be cleared.

D. The Telephone_Srvr service must be restarted.
210-065 pdf 
Correct Answer: B
What is the proper procedure to manually reset a password on a Cisco TelePresence EX Series endpoint running software version TC7?
A. Use SSH to access the device and use the username “cisco” and the password “TANDBERG.”
B. Hold down the mute key on the touch display for 25 seconds and reset the password using the touch screen.
C. When the device is powered down, hold down the power button until the power light blinks twice, then press the power button twice.
D. Tap the power button four times within ten seconds and then use Telnet to connect to the device IP address.
E. Tap the power button five times while the device is powered off and when it boots, use Telnet to connect to the device within 60 seconds.
Correct Answer: C
You have replaced an HBA and are trying to add it to an existing zone using the FC switch GUI interface. You are unable to do so. Why is this happening?
A. The OS login has not occurred.
B. The Web login has not occurred.
C. The fabric login has not occurred.
D. The port login has occurred.
210-065 vce 
Correct Answer: C
A number of servers are experiencing slower than expected performance. Analyzing the server, switch, and storage logs do not indicate any issues. You have been asked by the customer to address this issue. What will improve performance?
A. Increase the current queue depth setting from 1.
B. Change the frame size from 2148 bytes,
C. Decrease the buffer-to-buffer credits setting.
D. Enable write caching functionality for the device driver.
Correct Answer: A
A company wants to implement a database which requires a storage subsystem with no more than 2 ms write latency and 1 ms read latency. Which type of drive would you use?
210-065 exam 
Correct Answer: C
A colleague asks you if the added cost of using encrypting tape drives and sending the tapes off- site is warranted, since your IT organization already has large security investments such as firewalls and database table encryption. What is your response?
A. The correct firewall rule set would make encrypted tape drives obsolete, but there has not always been strong confidence in the firewall administrators.
B. Encrypted database tables only protect data against inappropriate access by super users such as database or server administrators abusing root privileges.
C. Encrypt tape drives as part of a defense in depth strategy to ensure that one security mechanism being compromised does not expose all information to a malicious user.
D. The existing firewalls and database table encryption do not replace encrypted tape drives, but implementing an intrusion protection system (IPS) will make tape encryption obsolete.
Correct Answer: C
The latest storage utilization report shows that 80% of the current 500 TB of enterprise storage is allocated. The storage administrator must specify the amount of additional storage needed for local copies for approximately half of the active storage. How much additional storage should the administrator request?
A. 400 TB
B. 300 TB
C. 200 TB
D. 100 TB
210-065 dump 
Correct Answer: C
What is a common protocol used in cloud communications?
Correct Answer: C
Click the Exhibit button.
Referring to the exhibit, which RAID level is shown?
210-065 pdf 
Correct Answer: A
A customer has upgraded all switches in their redundant fabrics during a single maintenance window. Shortly after the upgrades are completed on the core switches, all servers lose access to all SAN attached storage. What would have prevented this scenario?
A. High availability
B. Fault tolerance
C. Change or risk management
D. Clustered servers
Correct Answer: C
Click the Exhibit button. Referring to the exhibit, what are the two largest risks to a highly available solution? (Choose two.)
A. Only two adapters per controller
B. Only two adapters on the server
C. Only one server
D. Only one switch
210-065 vce 
Correct Answer: CD
The storage administrator is required to create five zones within the FC SAN. Which Fibre Channel server would be used to do this?
A. Fabric Login server
B. Name server
C. Management server

D. Fabric Controller
Correct Answer: C
You want to visibly verify FC port initialization by reading an analyzer trace. Your objective is to find the frames associated with the initialization protocol to ensure that the FC device is operating correctly during the login process, to be recognized as part of the switched fabric, and appear in a directory of attached FC devices. What must all Fibre Channel devices do to accomplish this?
A. Log in using the Name server.
B. Log in using the Fabric Controller.
C. Log in using the Management server.
D. Log in using the Fabric Login server.
210-065 exam 
Correct Answer: D
You have been hired to consult with storage administrators that are working with zoning and naming convention consistency issues. There are numerous types of zoning methods available using standards that also include aliasing. You want to use a method that guarantees unique global port identification. What accomplishes this goal?
B. domain_id:port_#
C. Alias
D. Zone set
Correct Answer: A
Click the Exhibit button.
What is the protocol stack shown in the exhibit?
C. InfiniBand
D. Fibre Channel
210-065 dump 
Correct Answer: B
You have a file system which allows data and metadata segregation. How should you accelerate read I/O on the file system while keeping costs low?
A. Assign the fastest storage to the data portion of the file system.
B. Assign the fastest storage to the metadata portion of the file system.
C. Assign fast storage to the data and the metadata portions of the file system.
D. Keep the file system very small.
Correct Answer: B
A company has a storage subsystem that supports a variety of replication options. They have purchased an identical array and placed it at a secondary site 50 km away and will provide the shortest RPO. Which statement is correct?
A. Asynchronous replication is the only replication option for distances over 50 km.
B. Synchronous replication is the only replication option for distances over 50 km.
C. Snapshots allow for data to be quickly captured, copied, and mounted from one storage array to another and is the ideal solution for all distances.
D. Synchronous replication will keep the arrays closely synchronized and is ideal for short distances.
210-065 pdf 
Correct Answer: D
Your company’s Service Level Agreement (SLA) requires that no more then one hour’s worth of data be lost in case of a system crash. The data must also be restored within 10 hours. Which two RTO/RPO combinations meet the SLA? (Choose two.)
A. RTO 1 hour, RPO 10 hours
B. RTO 10 hours, RPO 1 hour
C. RTO 9 hours, RPO 1 hour
D. RTO 1 hour, RPO 9 hours
Correct Answer: BC
Click the Exhibit button.
Referring to the exhibit, which backup type is represented?
A. Server-free backup
B. Cloud backup
C. LAN-free backup
D. LAN backup

210-065 vce Correct Answer: D
Which type of a backup changes the archive bit?
A. Full
B. Differential
C. Incremental
D. Block-level
Correct Answer: C
You have a server which is booting from a SAN. After adding new SAN storage to a host, the host will not boot from the SAN. What will resolve this problem?
A. LUN masking
B. Persistent binding
C. Trunking
D. Multiplex binding
210-065 exam 
Correct Answer: B
The CIO would like to segregate management device IP network traffic from server IP network traffic within the data center to limit potential security threats. What would be used to accomplish this?
A. IPsec
B. Firewall
Correct Answer: C
You have a new storage array with the following drive types:
1. SAS (6 Gbps)
2. SSD
3. SATA (6 Gbps)
4. FC(4Gbps)
You need to decide which drive type to use based on speed, cost, and drive availability for your Tier 1 storage. Which type of drive would you choose?
210-065 dump 
Correct Answer: B
QUESTION 39 Which of the following types of attack always affect the availability of a service?
A. Exception generation attack
B. SQL injection attack C.
XPath injection attack D.
None of the above
Answer: D
QUESTION 40 The use of XML schemas for data validation helps avoid several types of data-centric threats.
A. True
B. False
210-065 pdf 
Answer: A
QUESTION 41 The use of session keys and symmetric cryptography results in:
A. Increased performance degradation
B. Increased reliability degradation
C. Reduced message sizes
D. None of the above
Answer: D
QUESTION 42 An alternative to using a is to use a .
A. Public key, private key
B. Digital signature, symmetric key
C. Public key, key agreement security session
D. Digital signature, asymmetric key
210-065 vce 
Answer: C
QUESTION 43 Service A’s logic has been implemented using managed code. An attacker sends an XML bomb to
Service A. As a result, Service A’s memory consumption started increasing at an alarming rate and then decreased back to normal. The service was not affected by this attack and quickly recovered. Which of the following attacks were potentially avoided?
A. XML parser attack
B. Buffer overrun attack
C. Insufficient authorization attack
D. Denial of service
Answer: A,D
210-065 dumps
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