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A New View to Look at Microsoft

Microsoft announced a new podcast that dedicated to the latest developments in the fields of artificial intelligence and quantum computing.  Microsoft Research currently has more than 1000 computer scientists, physicists, engineers and mathematicians working around the world, including Turing Award winners and MacArthur Fellows. So it is conceivable that this program has a lot of points, and worth digging.


Gretchen Huizinga hosts the podcast of Microsoft Research and he is also a doctoral student, and digital media and technology is one of his subjects. He thought the program made us closer to the forefront of technology research and the scientists behind it. The first episode focuses on the research methods and work content of Dr. Jaime Teevan (working at Microsoft Research and the University of Washington), introducing his interesting working methods and his views, of course some of which are double-sided.We should specifically analyze the specific problem.

And this week, with Dr. Eric Horvitz, to know the subject of artificial intelligence. Eric Horvitz, who worked with Microsoft Research for 25 years, has a persistent attitude towards his work, a clear goal, and a thorough understanding of their roles and principles in every detail.


Last year, Microsoft launched several new podcasts that led the public to learn about different areas of technology and activities. Windows Insider Podcast can view the company’s preview program, and users can find the latest information at the first time. And this program will give us a more comprehensive understanding of the coming technology and its impact on the future world.

Microsoft news releases new episodes each Monday. Users can click on the program via RSS, email or links on itunes and Android devices


At the same time, Microsoft has been testing its Office applications on Chromebook for the past year, but is largely limited to Google’s newest Pixelbook device. Now that the test is over, many Chromebook can now reliably see office apps in the Google Play store. These applications are an Android version of Office, including the same functionality you can find on an Android tablet that runs office.

Devices like Asus’s Chromebook Flip (10.1-inch display) will be free to access office on the Chrome OS, but larger devices will need to subscribe. Chromebook has become increasingly popular. Google’s devices helped the PC market to grow for the first time in five years earlier this year, surpassing its Mac for the first time in the US last year. Microsoft is trying to deal with Chromebook with its own Windows OS and cheap laptops for schools.


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