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Exam Code: 810-403
Exam Name: Selling Business Outcomes
Updated: Aug 27, 2017
Q&As: 166

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Operation of IP Data Networks:

  • Recognize the purpose and functions of various Cisco 810-403 dumps network devices such as Routers, Switches, Bridges and Hubs.
  • Select the components required to meet a given network specification.
  • Identify common applications and their impact on the network
  • Describe the purpose and basic operation of the protocols in the OSI and TCP/IP models.
  • Predict the data flow between two hosts across a network.
  • Identify the appropriate media, cables, ports, and connectors to connect Cisco 810-403 dumps network devices to other network devices and hosts in a LAN

810-403 dumps

Latest Cisco 810-403 Dumps Exam Questions and Answers Updated (September 2017)#

Your customer has implemented sales order management using all available scenarios
in SAP ERP. They plan to extend their business processes by using SAP CRM. For
which scenario do you advise them to use CRM?
A. Contract Management
B. Inquiry Management
C. Opportunity Management
D. Quotation Management
810-403 exam Answer: C
How do you enable campaign determination for sales orders in SAP ERP using
campaigns from SAP CRM? (Choose two)
A. Maintain the campaign determination procedure in ERP.
B. Download the campaign determination procedure from CRM to ERP.
C. Maintain condition records for campaign determination in ERP.
D. Activate campaign determination in ERP.
Answer: A, D
The customer wants to exclude taxes for special transactions like goods movement,
goods receipt purchase order, and goods receipt production order. What is required to
implement this?
A. Define tax determination for each tax condition.
B. Define tax codes for non-tax relevant transactions.

C. Exclude tax codes using responsibilities in an access sequence.
D. Exclude tax codes in the condition type using formulas.
810-403 dumps Answer: B
The customer wants to see the reference number of the SD billing documents in the FI
documents. Which implementation strategy do you recommend?
A. Use the foreseen customer exit to provide the number to the FI document.
B. Use a modification with a user exit to include the number in the FI document.
C. Use the customizing of the copy control to copy the number from the billing
D. Use one of the standard fields that are not used in the billing and the FI document to
store and populate the number.
Answer: C
A customer uses make-to-order production with assembly processing. How do you
schedule a sales order when components are already produced and procured?
A. Create a production order directly from the sales order.
B. Use a planning run to generate a planning order for the sales order.
C. Explode the bill of material and plan dependent demands for the sales order.
D. Use heuristic planning for material reservation of the sales order.
810-403 pdf Answer: A
Your customer uses make-to-order production and assembly. When an item is deleted
from a sales order, the production order for this item is not deleted. What do you
identify as the reason?
A. The stock level is high enough that the receipt is not necessary for order fulfillment.
B. The production order was created manually for the sales order.
C. The production order was created from the sales order.
D. The production order was created through a planning run in PP.

Answer: B
A customer orders a product with customer specific features. A bill of material and
routing exist, so the product can be produced. Which process ensures that receipts will
be reserved for this sales order?
A. Demand planning in the individual customer segment
B. Sales order check against planning so that the independent customer requirement
will reserve the receipt
C. Order processing without rescheduling with fixed delivery date and quantity
D. Product allocation for the sales area to limit the availability check
810-403 vce Answer: A
Since release 4.5A, you can valuate the materials for the sales order together with the
materials for the make-to-stock inventory. Prerequisite is that the costs have been
collected on a specific order. Which one?
A. Sales Order
B. Planned Order
C. Purchase Order
D. Production Order
Answer: D
For which type of products does it makes sense to do an availability check against
A. Products for which enough independent demand is available to meet the customer
B. Bottleneck products.
C. Products for which demand and production planning are strongly connected.
D. Products with low demand.

810-403 exam Answer: A
What is the goal of the planning strategy ‘Planning with final assembly’?
A. To execute the planning once a year
B. To meet the requirements after creating a delivery
C. To trigger the procurement for specific sales orders
D. To trigger the provisioning without a specific sales order
Answer: D
What differentiates consumption based planned and demand-driven planned material?
A. For consumption based planned material, the whole order quantity is always
B. For demand-driven planned material, the whole order quantity is always confirmed.
C. For consumption based planned material, a production order is always created.
D. For demand-driven planned material, a production order is always created.
810-403 dumps Answer: A
What is the main goal of introducing the make-to-stock process?
A. To enable planning for a long period
B. To be independent from customers orders
C. To be always able to deliver
D. To have a high efficiency
Answer: C
Your customer has implemented a manual order-to-cash process. What is required to
automate order creation and processing?

A. Set up EDI input handling and automate background jobs.
B. Implement a user exit and automate copy control.
C. Set up EDI input handling and automate pricing.
D. Automate background jobs and copy control.
810-403 pdf Answer: A
How do you recommend reducing delivery delays in the supply chain to avoid
increased cost and customer dissatisfaction?
A. Improve the service level by increasing the safety stock.
B. Introduce supplier and vendor managed inventory.
C. Outsource component manufacturing to the suppliers.
D. Increase stock monitoring through online ATP check.
Answer: B
What is a result of introducing EDI?
A. Increased billing performance
B. Increased data quality
C. Increased reporting capabilities
D. Increased delivery performance
810-403 vce Answer: B
A company asks for an automatic availability check for stock in different locations.
Which SAP solution do you recommend that they introduce?
Answer: B
Which of the following methods is a project selection technique?
A. Flowcharting
B. Earned value
C. Cost-benefit analysis
D. Pareto analysis

Answer: C
Selection MethodsThere are various project selection methods practiced by the modern
business organizations. These methods have different features and characteristics. Therefore,
each selection method is best for different organizations. Although there are many differences
between these project selection methods, usually the underlying concepts and principles are the
same. Following is an illustration of two of such methods (Benefit Measurement and
Constrained Optimization methods). As the value of one 810-403 dumps project would need to be compared
against the other projects, you could use the benefit measurement methods. This could include
various techniques, of which the following are the most common.
• You and your team could come up with certain criteria that you want your ideal project
objectives to meet. You could then give each project scores based on how they rate in each of
these criteria, and then choose the project with the highest score.
• When it comes to the Discounted Cash flow method, the future value of a project is
ascertained by considering the present value and the interest earned on the money. The higher
the present value of the project, the better it would be for your organization.
• The rate of return received from the money is what is known as the IRR. Here again, you
need to be looking for a high rate of return from the project.
The mathematical approach is commonly used for larger projects. The constrained
optimization methods require several calculations in order to decide on whether or not a project
should be rejected.
Cost-benefit analysis is used by several organizations to assist them to make their selections.
Going by this method, you would have to consider all the positive aspects of the project, which
is the benefits, and then deduct the negative aspects (or the costs) from the benefits. Based on
the results you receive for different projects, you could choose which option would be the most
viable and financially rewarding.
These 810-403 dumps benefits and costs need to be carefully considered and quantified in order to arrive at a
proper conclusion. Questions that you may want to consider asking are in the selection process
1. Would this decision help me to increase organizational value in the long run?
2. How long will the equipment last for?
3. Would I be able to cut down on costs as I go along?
In addition to these methods, you could also consider Choosing based on opportunity cost –
When choosing any project, you would need to keep in mind the profits that you would make if
you do decide to go ahead with the project.
Profit optimization is therefore the ultimate goal. You need to consider the difference between
the profits of the project you are primarily interested in, and the next best alternative.

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