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Which are two general SDN characteristics? (Choose 2)
A. OVSDB is an application database management protocol.
B. Northbound interfaces are open interfaces used between the control plane and the data plane.
C. OpenFlow is considered one of the first Northbound APIs used by SDN controllers.
D. Southbound interface are interfaces used between the control plane and the data plane.
E. The separation of the control plane from the data plane.
Correct Answer: DE

A network administrator is in charge of multiple IPsec VPN headend devices that service thousands of remote
connectivity, point-to-point, IPsec/GRE tunnels. During a recent power outage, in which it was found that a backup
power supply in one of those headend devices was faulty, one of the headend routers suffered a complete shutdown
event. When the router was successfully recovered, remote users found intermittent connectivity issues that went away
after several hours. Network operations staff accessed the headend devices and found that the recently recovered unit
was near 100% CPU for a long period of time. How would you redesign the network VPN headend devices to prevent
this from happening again in the future?
A. Move the tunnels more evenly across the headend devices.
B. Implement Call Admission Control.
C. Use the scheduler allocate command to curb CPU usage.
D. Change the tunnels to DMVPN.
Correct Answer: B

A service provider wants to offer a service that allows customers to span VLANs across multiple campuses.
Which configuration will allow this service provider to achieve its desired result with a minimal impact on the scalability
of PE routers?
A. RFC 2547-based service, with L2TPv3 between PE and CE
B. RFC 2547-based service, with MPLS/LDP between PE and CE (in other words, CsC)
C. VPWS service, with 802.1Q between PE and CE
D. VPWS service, with QinQ between PE and CE
Correct Answer: D

Which mechanism enables small, unmanaged switches to plug into ports of access switches without risking switch
A. PortFast
C. Root guard
D. BPDU guard
Correct Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.
Janintraining 352-001 exam questions-q5

In this network, R1 is redistributing into Area 1. Which LSA containing will R6 have in its
A. R6 will have an NSSA external (type 7) LSA in its local database for
B. R6 will have an external (type 5) LSA for in its local database.
C. R6 will have a border router (type 4) LSA in its local database for
D. R6 will not have any LSAs containing
Correct Answer: D

What is the best practice for tuning routing protocol hello and dead timers when deploying IGP non-stop forwarding
A. The hello and dead timers should be tuned to allow NSF to continue forwarding after an initial failure detection.
B. NSF-independent timers should be used so that routing protocol timers have no effect.
C. The hello and dead timers should be tuned so the link failure is detected before NSF has the chance to react to the
D. The routing protocol hello and dead timers should be decreased to the minimum.
Correct Answer: A

Which two options are characteristics of firewall transparent mode operations in a firewall solution design? (Choose
A. The firewall acts like a router hop in the network.
B. OSPF adjacencies can be established through the firewall.
C. Changes in the existing IP addressing and subnets are required.
D. Multicast traffic can traverse the firewall.
E. The firewall can participate actively on spanning tree.
Correct Answer: BD

Which statement about OSPF incremental SPF is true?
A. iSPF must be enabled on all routers in the domain.
B. iSPF must be enabled on all routers in a particular area.
C. iSPF capability is advertised using Opaque LSAs.
D. iSPF is local to the router and does not require interoperability.
E. iSPF is negotiated during the OSPF adjacency process.
Correct Answer: D

Which routing protocol supports unequal cost, multipath load balancing?
A. RIPv2
Correct Answer: B

In a redesign of a multiple-area network, it is recommended that summarization is to be implemented. For redundancy
requirements, summarization is done at multiple locations for each summary. Some customers now complain of higher
latency and performance issues for a server hosted in the summarized area. What design issues should be considered
when creating the summarization?
A. Summarization adds CPU overhead on the routers sourcing the summarized advertisement.
B. Summarization prevents the visibility of the metric to the component subnets.
C. Summarization creates routing loops.
D. Summarization causes packet loss when RPF is enabled.
Correct Answer: B

You are designing an IEEE 802.1X solution for a customer, where the network supports a large number of IP phones
and printers.
You plan to configure MAC address bypass for the phones and printers. What is your primary design and security
A. the additional AAA traffic on the network
B. the placement of the AAA server
C. the potential of MAC address spoofing
D. the scaling of the MAC address database
Correct Answer: C

You are redesigning a high-speed transit network due to congestion-related issues. Which congestion avoidance
mechanism can you apply to the existing network?
D. Rate-limit
E. Policy-Based Routing
Correct Answer: C

You are designing a traffic monitoring and analysis system for a customer. Which traffic monitoring technique would you
recommend to place the least amount of burden on the network infrastructure?
A. SPAN monitor ports
B. NetFlow
D. passive taps
Correct Answer: D

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