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CheckPoint CCSE 156-315.80 exam practice online


Which User-mode process is responsible for the FW CLI commands?

A. fwd
B. fwm
C. cpm
D. cpd

Correct Answer: B

fwm — Firewall Management (fwm) is on all management products, including Multi-Domain Security Management, and
on products that require direct GUI access, such as SmartEvent. The fwm process is used mainly for backward
compatibility of gateways. It provides GUI client communication, database manipulation, policy compilation, and
Management High Availability synchronization.


What is the benefit of “tw monitor” over “tcpdump”?

A. “fw monitor” reveals Layer 2 information, while “tcpdump” acts at Layer 3.
B. “fw monitor” is also available for 64-Bit operating systems.
C. With “fw monitor”, you can see the inspection points, which cannot be seen in “tcpdump”
D. “fw monitor” can be used from the CLI of the Management Server to collect information from multiple gateways.

Correct Answer: C


How would you enable VMAC Mode in ClusterXL?

A. Cluster Object -> Edit -> ClusterXL and VRRP -> Use Virtual MAC
B. fw ctl set int vmac_mode 1
C. cphaconf vmac_mode set 1
D. Cluster Object -> Edit -> Cluster Members -> Edit -> Use Virtual MAC

Correct Answer: A

Reference: https://supportcenter.checkpoint.com/supportcenter/portal?


When running a query on your logs, to find records for user Toni with machine IP of but exclude her tablet IP
of, which of the following query syntax would you use?

A. Toni? AND NOT
D. “Toni” AND NOT

Correct Answer: B


When using the Mail Transfer Agent, where are the debug logs stored?

A. $FWDIR/bin/emaild.mta. elg
B. $FWDIR/log/mtad elg
C. /var/log/mail.mta elg
D. $CPDIR/log/emaild elg

Correct Answer: A


What is the port used for SmartConsole to connect to the Security Management Server?

A. CPMI port 18191/TCP
B. CPM port/TCP port 19009
C. SIC port 18191/TCP
D. HTTPS port 4434/TCP

Correct Answer: B


What does it mean if Deyra sees the gateway status? (Choose the BEST answer.)

A. SmartCenter Server cannot reach this Security Gateway.
B. There is a blade reporting a problem.
C. VPN software blade is reporting a malfunction.
D. Security Gateway\’s MGNT NIC card is disconnected.

Correct Answer: B

Reference: https://sc1.checkpoint.com/sc/SolutionsStatics/NEW_SK_NOID1493612962436/ active1704302237.fw.png


You can access the ThreatCloud Repository from:

A. R80.10 SmartConsole and Application Wiki
B. Threat Prevention and Threat Tools
C. Threat Wiki and Check Point Website
D. R80.10 SmartConsole and Threat Prevention

Correct Answer: D

Reference: https://sc1.checkpoint.com/documents/R80.10/WebAdminGuides/EN/
CP_R80.10_ThreatPrevention_AdminGuide/html_frameset.htm?topic=documents/R80.10/ WebAdminGuides/EN/


Which one of the following is true about Threat Extraction?

A. Always delivers a file to the user
B. Works on all MS Office, Executables, and PDF files
C. Can take up to 3 minutes to complete
D. Delivers file only if no threats are found

Correct Answer: A


SandBlast appliances can be deployed in the following modes:

A. using a SPAN port to receive a copy of the traffic only
B. detect only
C. inline/prevent or detect
D. as a Mail Transfer Agent and as part of the traffic flow only

Correct Answer: C


What is the purpose of the CPCA process?

A. Monitoring the status of processes.
B. Sending and receiving logs.
C. Communication between GUI clients and the SmartCenter server.
D. Generating and modifying certificates.

Correct Answer: D

Reference: https://supportcenter.checkpoint.com/supportcenter/portal?


Which statement is correct about the Sticky Decision Function?

A. It is not supported with either the Performance pack of a hardware-based accelerator card
B. Does not support SPI\\’s when configured for Load Sharing
C. It is automatically disabled if the Mobile Access Software Blade is enabled on the cluster
D. It is not required L2TP traffic

Correct Answer: A

Reference: https://sc1.checkpoint.com/documents/R76/CP_R76_ClusterXL_AdminGuide/7290.htm

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