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CheckPoint 156-585

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An administrator receives reports about issues with log indexing and text searching regarding an existing Management
Server. In trying to find a solution she wants to check if the process responsible for this feature is running correctly.
What is true about the related process?

A. fwm manages this database after initialization of the ICA
B. cpd needs to be restarted manually to show in the list
C. faced crashes can affect therefore not show in the list
D. solr is a child process of CPM

Correct Answer: D


Your users have some issues connecting Mobile Access VPN to the gateway. How can you debug the tunnel

A. in the file $CVPNDIR/conf/httpd.conf change the line loglevel .. To LogLevel debug and run cvpnrestart
B. run vpn debug truncon
C. run fw ctl zdebug -m sslvpn all
D. in the file $VPNDIR/conf/httpd.conf the line Loglevel .. To LogLevel debug and run VPN restart

Correct Answer: A


For TCP connections, when a packet arrives at the Firewall Kernel out of sequence or fragmented, which layer of IPS
corrects this to allow for proper inspection?

A. Passive Streaming Library
B. Protections
C. Protocol Parsers
D. Context Management

Correct Answer: A


What does SIM handle?

A. Accelerating packets
B. FW kernel to SXL kernel hand off
C. OPSEC connects to SecureXL
D. Hardware communication to the accelerator

Correct Answer: D


John has renewed his NGTX License but he gets an error (contract for Anti-Bot expired). He wants to check the
subscription status on the CLI of the gateway, what command can he use for this?

A. cpstat antimalware -f subscription_status
B. fw monitor license status
C. fwm lic print
D. show license status

Correct Answer: A


VPN issues may result from misconfiguration, communication failure, or incompatible default configurations between
peers. Which basic command syntax needs to be used for troubleshooting Site-to-Site VPN issues?

A. VPN debug truncation
B. fw debug truncation
C. cp debug truncation
D. VPN truncation debug

Correct Answer: A


Some users from your organization have been reported some connection problems with CIFS since this morning. You
suspect an IPS Issue after an automatic IPS update last night. So you want to perform a packet capture on uppercase I
only directly after the IPS module (position 4 in the chain) to check if the packets pass the IPS. What command do you
need to run?

A. fw monitor -ml -pl 5 -e
B. fw monitor -pi 5 -e
C. tcpdump -eni any
D. fw monitor -plasm

Correct Answer: A


Which command is used to write a kernel debug to a file?

A. fw ctl debug -T -f > debug.txt
B. fw ctl kdebug -T -l > debug.txt
C. fw ctl debug -S -t > debug.txt
D. fw ctl kdebug -T -f > debug.txt

Correct Answer: D


In Security Management High Availability, if the primary and secondary management, running the same version of
R80.x, are in a state of ‘Collision’, how can this be resolved?

A. Administrator should manually synchronize the servers using SmartConsole
B. The Collision state does not happen in R80.x as the synchronizing automatically on every publish action
C. Reset the SIC of the secondary management server
D. Run the command ‘fw send synch force’ on the primary server and ‘fw get sync quiet’ on the secondary server

Correct Answer: A


Which is the correct “fw monitor” syntax for creating a capture file for loading it into WireShark?

A. fw monitor -e “accept;” >> Output.cap
B. This cannot be accomplished as it is not supported with R80.10
C. fw monitor -e “accept;” -file Output.cap
D. fw monitor -e “accept;” -o Output.cap

Correct Answer: D


When a User process or program suddenly crashes, a core dump is often used to examine the problem. Which
the command is used to enable the core-dumping via GAIA clish?

A. set core-dump enable
B. set core-dump per_process
C. set user-dump enable
D. set core-dump total

Correct Answer: A


What is the correct syntax to set all debug flags for Unified policy-related issues?

A. fw ctl debug -m UP all
B. fw ctl debug -m up all
C. fw ctl kdebug -m UP all
D. fw ctl debug -m fw all

Correct Answer: A


RAD is initiated when Application Control and URL Filtering blades are active on the Security Gateway. What is the
purpose of the following RAD configuration file $FWDIR/cong/rad_settings.C?

A. This file contains the location information for Application Control and/or URL Filtering entitlements
B. This file contains the information on how the Security Gateway reaches the Security Managers RAD service for
Application Control and URL Filtering
C. This file contains RAD proxy settings
D. This file contains all the hostname settings for the online application detection engine

Correct Answer: B

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