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You have a login-path named “adamlocal” that was created by using the mysql_config_editor command.
You need to check what is defined for this login_path to ensure that it is correct for you deployment.
You execute this command:
$ mysql_config_editor print login-path=adamlocal
What is the expected output of this command?
A. The command prints all parameters for the login-path. The password is printed in plain text.
B. The command prints all parameters for the login-path. The password is shown only when you provide the password
C. The command prints all parameter for the login-path. The password is replaced with stars.
D. The command prints the encrypted entry for the login-path. The is only possible to see if an entry exists.
Correct Answer: C

The `allplicationdb\\’ is using innoDB and consuming a large amount of file system space. You have a / backup partition
available on NFS where backups are stored.
You investigate and gather the following information:
[mysqld] Datadir=/var/lib/mysql/ Innodb_file_per_table=0
Three tables are stored in the innoDB shared tablespace and the details are as follows: The table data_current has
1,000,000 rows.
The table data_reports has 1,500,000 rows.
The table data_archive has 4,500,000 rows.
Shell> is -1 /var/lib/mysql/
-rw-rw—- 1 mysql mysql 744G Aug 26 14:34 ibdata1 -rw-rw—- 1 mysql mysql 480M Aug 26 14:34 ib_logfile0 -rw-rw—-
1 mysql mysql 480M Aug 26 14:34 ib_logfile1 …
You attempt to free space from ibdata1 by taking a mysqldump of the data_archive table and storting it on your backup
Shell> mysqldump u root p applicationdb data_archive > /backup/data_archive.sql Mysql> DROP TABLE data_archive;
Which set of actions will allow you to free disk space back to the file system?
A. Execute OPTIMIZE TABLE so that the InnoDB engine frees unused pages on disk back to the file system: Mysql>
OPTIMIZE TABLE data_current, data_reports;
B. Set the server to use its own tablespace, and then alter the table so that data is moved from the shared tablespace to
its own: Mysql> SET GLOBAL innodb_file_per_table=1; Mysql> ALTER TABLE data_current ENGINE=InnoDB; Mysql>
ALTER TABLE data_repors ENGINE=InnoDB;
C. Take a backup, stop the server, remove the data files, and restore the backup: Shell> mysqldump u root p
applicationdb / > /backup/applicationdb.sql Shell> /etc/init.d/mysql stop Shell> cd /var/lib/mysql/ Shell> rm ibdata1
ib_logfile0 ib_logfile1 Shell> /etc/init.d/mysql start Shell> mysql u root p applicationdb
D. Enable compression on the table, causing InnoDB to release unused pages on disk to the file system: Mysql> SET
GLOBLE innodb_file_per_table=1; Mysql> SET GLOBLE innodb_file_format=Barramcuda; Mysql> ALTER TABLE
data_current ROW_FORMAT=COMPRESSED KEY_BLOCK_SIZE=8; Mysql> ALTER TABLE data_history
Correct Answer: D

Consider the Mysql Enterprise Audit plugin.
The following event detail is found in the audit log:

Which two points can be concluded from the given event?
A. A connection was blocked by a firewall or a similar security mechanism.
B. A connection was attempted via socket rather than TCP.
C. A connection failed because the proxy user privileges did not match the login user.
D. A connection as the user kate was successful.
E. A connection failed due to authentication being unsuccessful.
Correct Answer: D

You want to shutdown a running Mysql Server cleanly.
Which three commands that are valid on either Windows or Linux will achieve this?
A. Shell> pkill u mysql mysqld_safe
B. Shell> service mysql safe_exit
C. Shell> /etc/init.d/mysql stop
D. Shell> mysqladmin u root p shutdown
E. Mysql> STOP PROCESS mysqld;
F. Shell> net stop mysql
G. Shell> nmc mysql shutdown
Correct Answer: CDE

You want a record of all queries that are not using indexes.
How would you achieve this?
A. By enabling the Slow Query Log because all queries that are not using indexes will be logged automatically
B. By enabling the Error Log because not using indexes is an error
C. By enabling the Slow Query Log and using the log-queries-not-using-indexes option
D. By enabling the Error Log and using the log-queries-not-using-indexes option
Correct Answer: C

Which two are correct steps in taking a binary backup of MyISAM tables?
A. Always stop the server prior to the backup.
B. Stop the server or lock the tables prior to the backup.
C. Stop the server or lock the databases prior to the backup.
D. Make a copy of the .frm, .myd, and the .myi files.
E. Make a copy of the binary log and tablespace files.
Correct Answer: BD

While reviewing the MySQL error log, you see occasions where MySQL has exceeded the number of file handles
allowed to it by the operating system.
Which method will reduce the number of file handles in use?
A. Disconnecting idle localhost client sessions
B. Implementing storage engine data compression options
C. Relocating your data and log files to separate storage devices
D. Activating the MySQL Enterprise thread pool plugin
Correct Answer: A

The validate_password plugin is loaded and displays the following settings in global variables: Mysql> SHOW
VARIABLES LIKE `validate_password%\\’;pass4itsure 1z0-883 exam question q8

When attempting to set your password, you get the following error:
Mysql> SET PASSWORD = PASSWORD (`[email protected]%\\’);
ERROR 1819 (HY000): Your password does not satisfy the current policy requirements
What is the cause of the error?
A. The password is eight characters long, but needs to exceed validate_password_length to be valid.
B. All of the MEDIUM password policy requirements have not been honored.
C. The password matches a substring Hover as a dictionary word.
D. The password does not match the validate_passoword_number_count requirement.
E. There is no dictionary file defined, so password validation cannot work as expected.
Correct Answer: B

Which three tasks can be performed by using the performance Schema?
A. Finding queries that are not using indexes
B. Finding rows that are locked by InnoDB
C. Finding client connection attributes
D. Finding the part of a code in which a single query is spending time
E. Finding the size of each table
Correct Answer: ABC

Which statement is true about FLUSH LOGS command?
A. It requires the RELOAD, FILE, and DROP privileges.
B. It closes and reopens all log files.
C. It closes and sends binary log files to slave servers.
D. It flushes dirty pages in the buffer pool to the REDO logs.
Correct Answer: B

What are four capabilities of the mysql client program?
A. Creating and dropping databases
B. Creating, dropping, and modifying tables and indexes
C. Shutting down the server by using the SHUTDOWN command
D. Creating and administering users
E. Displaying replication status information
F. Initiating a binary backup of the database by using the START BACKUP command
Correct Answer: BDEF

You want to start monitoring statistics on the distribution of storage engines that are being used and the
average sizes of tables in the various databases.
Some details are as follows:
The Mysql instance has 400 databases.
Each database on an average consists of 25-50 tables.
You use the query:
COUNT (*),
SUM (data_length) total_size
Why is this query slow to execute?
A. Counting and summarizing all table pages in the InnoDB shared tablespace is time consuming.
B. Collecting information requires various disk-level operations and is time consuming.
C. Aggregating details from various storage engine caches for the final output is time consuming.
D. Collecting information requires large numbers of locks on various INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables.
Correct Answer: B

You have a server that has very limited memory but has a very large table.
You will use mysqldump to back up this table.
Which option will ensure mysqldump will process a row at a time instead of buffering a set of rows?
A. — quick
B. — skip-buffer
C. — single-transaction
D. — tab
Correct Answer: C

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