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Cisco CCNA Cyber Ops 210-250 Online Exam Practice Questions

Match the type of attack to its example.
Select and Place:pass4itsure 210-250 exam question q1

Correct Answer:

pass4itsure 210-250 exam question q1-1


What is the best source of data for analysis of a system that is potentially compromised by a rootkit?
A. checking for running processes using command line tools on the system
B. using static binaries in a trusted toolset imported to the machine to check running processes
C. reviewing active network connections with netstat or nbtstat
D. taking a forensic image of the machine
Correct Answer: D


What statement best describes the process that can be used to edit the windows registry?
A. You cannot manually edit the registry.
B. Run the regedit command from the command line.
C. Double-click the task manager icon
D. Expand regedit from the system tray and edit the registry from the GUI.
Correct Answer: B


What is an advantage of a system-generated password?
A. It is easy to remember.
B. It complies with the organization\\’s password policy
C. It is very long.
D. It includes numbers and letters.
Correct Answer: B


Which two protocols are used for email? (Choose two.)
Correct Answer: DE


In Linux what does the [email protected]:~$ sudo ifconfig ens160 command do?
A. shows the details of the ens160 interface
B. nothing in Linux
C. configures the ip address on the ens160 interface
D. removes the interface ens160 from the system
Correct Answer: C


In most Linux systems, where is the default location for the syslog or rsyslog configuration file?
A. in the /etc directory
B. in the /log/var directory
C. in the /etc/log directory
D. in the /var/log directory
Correct Answer: A


Which of the following would give an IPS the most trouble?
A. Jumbo packets
B. Encryption
C. Throughput
D. Updates
Correct Answer: B


Which two languages are commonly used in client scripting? (Choose two.)
A. JavaScript
B. VBScript
C. Perl
E. Python
Correct Answer: AB


What phase of the TCP communication process is attacked during a TCP SYN flood attack?
A. three-way handshake
B. connection established
C. connection closed
D. connection reset
Correct Answer: A


Which of the following are true statements regarding vulnerability scanners and penetration assessments? (Select all
that apply.)
A. Vulnerability scanners can crash a device; penetration assessments do not.
B. Vulnerability scanners usually work with known vulnerabilities.
C. Penetration assessment is typically fully automated.
D. Vulnerability scanners can work in active mode and passive mode.
Correct Answer: BD


Chain of custody, in legal contexts, refers to the chronological documentation or paper trail, showing the seizure,
custody, control, transfer, analysis, and disposition of physical or electronic evidence. What five of the following types of
information are contained in chain of custody documentation? (Choose five.)
A. Who was the attacker?
B. What is the evidence?
C. What attack method was used?
D. What method was used to collect the evidence?
E. When was the evidence collected?
F. Who handled the evidence and why did that person need to handle the evidence?
G. What software was used to commit the attack?
H. Where is the evidence permanently stored?
I. Why did the attack happen?
Correct Answer: BDEFH

What is a certificate revocation list (CRL)?
A. A list of root certificates of CA servers that can revoke certificates.
B. A list of certificates, based on their serial numbers, that had initially been issued by a CA but have not been revoked
and are trusted.
C. A list of certificates, based on their serial numbers, that had initially been issued by a CA but have since been
revoked and as a result should not be trusted.
D. A list of serial numbers of CA servers that can participate in a certificate revocation process.
Correct Answer: C

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