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Juniper JN0-348 PDF – free download

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Juniper JN0-348 practice test (q1-q13)

Click the Exhibit button.

jn0-348 exam questions-q1

Based on the output shown in the exhibit, which statement is correct?
A. This switch has been elected as the root bridge
B. This switch has a bridge priority of 32k
C. The ge-0/0/15 interface is using the default port cost
D. The ge-0/0/9 interface is using the default priority value
Correct Answer: A

Which two requirements must be satisfied before graceful restart will work? (Choose two.)
A. a stable network topology
B. a neighbor configured with BFD
C. a neighbor configured with graceful restart
D. a neighbor with an uptime greater than an hour
Correct Answer: AC

What are the three possible port states when using RSTP? (Choose three.)
A. forwarding
B. learning
C. discarding
D. listening
E. tagging
Correct Answer: ABC

Your network is configured with dynamic ARP inspection (DAI) using the default parameters for all the DHCP and ARP
related configurations. You just added a new device connected to a trunk port and configured it to obtain an IP address
using DHCP.
Which two statements are correct in this scenario? (Choose two.)
A. The DHCP server assigns the IP addressing information to the new device.
B. DAI validates the ARP packets for the new device against the DHCP snooping database.
C. The ARP request and response packets for the new device will bypass DAI.
D. DHCP snooping adds the DHCP assigned IP address for the new device to its database.
Correct Answer: AB

Which area is reserved for the OSPF backbone?
A. Area
B. Area
C. Area
D. Area
Correct Answer: A

Click the Exhibit button.

jn0-348 exam questions-q6

Referring to the exhibit, the local router should have an IS-IS adjacency with a neighboring router, but the adjacency
never establishes correctly.
What should you do to solve the problem?
A. Disable level 2 for the interfaces.
B. Disable level 1 for the interfaces.
C. Disable wide metrics.
D. Change the local IS-IS area ID to 49.0002.
Correct Answer: D

Click the Exhibit button.

jn0-348 exam questions-q7

Referring to the output shown in the exhibit, which statement is correct?
A. is being per-flow load-balanced
B. is being per-packet load-balanced
C. is being per-flow load-balanced
D. is being per-packet load-balanced
Correct Answer: D

You are adding a new EX4300 member switch to your existing EX4300 Virtual Chassis. However, the new member is
not running the same Junos version as the other members.
By default, what is the expected behavior in this scenario?
A. the Virtual Chassis will transition into a split brain situation between the existing master Routing Engine and the
switch running the different version.
B. The new switch will automatically pull the correct version from the master Routing Engine and perform the necessary
C. The new switch will be assigned a member ID and then placed in an inactive state.
D. The new switch is not recognized by the Virtual Chassis.
Correct Answer: C

Which statement is correct about trunk ports?
A. Trunk ports must have an IRB assigned to accept VLAN tagged traffic.
B. By default, trunk ports accept only VLAN tagged traffic.
C. By default, a trunk port can have only a single VLAN assigned.
D. trunk ports must have an IRB assigned to accept untagged traffic.
Correct Answer: B

Which two sequences correctly describe the processing order of firewall filters on an EX Series switch? (Choose two.)
A. router filter > VLAN filter > port filter > transmit packet
B. port filter > VLAN filter > router filter > transmit packet
C. receive packet > port filter > VLAN filter > router filter
D. receive packet > router filter > VLAN filter > port filter
Correct Answer: AC

You added a new ESXi host connected to port ge-0/0/1. One of the VMs configured with VLAN 10 is not reachable from
any other device on the switch. To troubleshoot, you decide to verify if the VM\\’s MAC address is learned properly
under VLAN 10.
Which command would you use in this scenario?
A. show ethernet-switching table vlan-id 10
B. show interfaces ge-0/0/1 detail
C. show vlans 10
D. monitor interface ge-0/0/1
Correct Answer: A

Which two statements describe BGP attributes? (Choose two.)
A. BGP attributes help determine the best path to a destination.
B. The origin attribute indicates the autonomous systems through which the route has traversed.
C. BGP attributes are always optional.
D. The AS path attribute indicates the autonomous systems through which the route has traversed.
Correct Answer: AD

What are two reasons for configuring more than one VLAN on a switch? (Choose two.)
A. A group of clients requires that security be applied to traffic entering or exiting the group\\’s devices.
B. A group of devices must forward traffic across a WAN.
C. A group of devices are connected to the same Layer 3 network.
D. A group of clients requires that the group\\’s devices receive less broadcast traffic than they are currently receiving.
Correct Answer: AD

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